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How to get started if you are using Google Workspace?
How to get started if you are using Google Workspace?

Step-by-step instruction on how to manage company-wide email signatures using Google Workspace integration

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Welcome to Newoldstamp! This step-by-step guide will help you set up your account and integrate it with Google Workspace in the most efficient way. Let's get started ;)

  1. Create an account with Newoldstamp.

  2. Start a free 7-day trial to get full access to the functionality available.

  3. Create several departments if you expect to have different signatures for different groups of users.

  4. Create a master signature for every department.

  5. Set the integration with Google Workspace.

  6. Then, generate signatures by importing data from Google Workspace Directory. Or, you can use a CSV import option if your Google Workspace Directory is unprepared.

  7. Deploy the signatures centrally or send them via email and enjoy the result ;)

  8. Additionally, you can set Banner Campaigns and track the Analitycs.

Have you got you have any questions? Feel free to schedule a quick call with our Account Managers or contact our Support Team via live chat or email.

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