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How to share signatures for further installation?
How to share signatures for further installation?

Check how to send signatures for further installation

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There are two ways how to send ready signatures for installation:

1. If you need to send one signature - hover over it and click the Share signature button.

Then you are welcome to choose whether to share a link or send the signature to its owner via email.

2) If you need to send more than one signature, the quickest way is to click Deploy > Send by email.

After that, you can select the signatures that you would like to send, specify the email addresses and add a custom message for the users if needed.

After clicking Send, users will receive an email with the subject ‘Please install your signature’ and a short instruction on how to install it.

By clicking Get your signature button they will be redirected to the signature installation page:

Should you or the users for whom signatures were created need some help with the installation of the signatures, please check our guides here.

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