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What is the Department list for?
What is the Department list for?

Find out how departments can help you to separate and control email signatures.

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The Department feature lets you generate signatures with different layouts within one account. For example, you can create separate departments for various companies, for other teams, or even for different users. Each department's master signature will determine the look of all the signatures in the department and their contents.

You can switch between different departments by clicking their names. To change the order of the departments in the department list, drag and drop them.

There is a possibility to View all list of the departments and choose a specific one:

​To create a new department, click Add department button:

​To rename a department, click its name and then a Pen icon:

​To delete a department, click its name and then a Trash icon.

Note: When you remove the department, all signatures within the department will be deleted as well.

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