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Use the Analytics feature for tracking your signatures' performance
Use the Analytics feature for tracking your signatures' performance

How to track the traffic your signature brings to you

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Logo, banner, social icons, many links in your signature! But do your recipients really click there?

Analytics can provide you the data about the signatures in each of your departments.

It will help you track how many times your logo, social media icons, website, etc., has been clicked. It will also help you understand whether your signatures work efficiently or not and your target market's preferences.

How to start checking your Analytics?

1). Create different signatures in different Departments because our Analytics is tracked by Departments, then choose Department you want to check.

If you want to track both of your teams' data, even if their signatures are the same, you need to put them in different departments to see Analytics separately.

Next, go to the Analytics section and choose All signatures or select a specific department from a drop-down list.

2). Choose a period.

To check your analytics for a specific period, you need to select a date. To do this, click on the drop-down menu with the date, choose one of the following from the date menu (Today, Yesterday, This week, Last week, etc.), or select a custom date range.

Then you will see a few sections in Analytics you can use to get the full data:

1). Source. Here you will see all specific elements that help gather the statistical data about your signature's performance. You can see the impressions, clicks, and CTR (clicks through rate) of every clickable item in your signature.

2). Clicks and Impressions. Here you will see mainly used elements by your recipient to understand your target market better and improve your email marketing strategy.

3). Type and popular day. This section will show the number of clicks listed for each day of the week. And the number of unique recipients who clicked your links to understand how many potential customers your signature generated.

4). Clicks by countries. Here will be able to see what country your clicks come from and to define where you could put more effort and increase your audience.

5). Clicks by platforms and devices. This section will help you get data on your audiences’ preferred platforms and devices to drill down to your target audience.

Make reports for your company using a chart or download a CSV file with the data. Your boss must be impressed!

Make your signatures work for you!

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