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What is the master signature?
What is the master signature?

Use a template to create standardized signatures

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The easiest way to manage multiple signatures is to set up a Master signature (or a User Signature as Master). It helps to set a layout that will determine the look of all the signatures in the department and their contents. All the signatures you create later in this department will inherit the information you have put into the Master signature. If your signatures are supposed to look unique and have different templates, you can avoid creating a Master signature.

What information to put into the Master signature?

1. Put in the information that will be defaulted for all signatures (like the company's name, website, logo, etc.).

Avoid putting in personal information unless you want it to be repeated in every signature or want to replace it later.

2. Add fields that should be available for editing, like Name, Title, Email address, Phone number, etc., and leave them unlocked:

You can also make bulk modifications only by editing the Master signature, and all the signatures in the department will inherit the change. The system logic is that the signatures inherit the changes made to the Master only if the original value of the Master is kept. So, if you manually edit any fields in the user signature at any point in time, those fields stop inheriting the changes you make in the Master.

To prevent the fields in User Signatures from losing the inheritance, you can lock those fields or even the whole sections by hovering over them and clicking the lock icon.

3. Set the design of the signature from the Design tab.
You can lock fields or sections as well.

4. Add social icons and links for them.
You can lock the fields or sections if they should be similar for all signatures.

5. Upload a photo or logo through the Images section.
Please make sure to set the correct size of the images, as it will define the size for all images if you upload them through the CSV file.

6) Add an image hyperlink and lock it if it should be similar for all signatures.

7. Add a banner and a banner hyperlink.
You can lock them if they should be similar for all signatures.

8. Add additional elements (like Disclaimer, Custom HTML, Social buttons, Call-to-action buttons, etc.) through the Apps tab.

Remember to lock the section if it shouldn't be available for editing in user signatures.

9. When the Master signature is created, you can proceed with creating user signatures.

Learn four ways to create signatures here:
How to create signatures on the basis of master signature?

Should you need any help with creating your first master signature, please get in touch with our Support team at

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