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How to import data from Google Workspace Directory?
How to import data from Google Workspace Directory?

Learn how to create email signatures promptly by importing data from Google Workspace Directory

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Do you have the Google Workspace Directory filled with the contact information of employees? If you do, you can use this data to create company-wide email signatures.

Step 1. Before importing the data, make sure all user information in the Google Workspace Directory is prepared. You can access it by going to Google Admin and clicking Users:

After clicking on a specific user you can check if the user information is filled in correctly:

Step 3. Create a Master signature. The function of a master signature is to set up the template which will help to create standardized signatures for the specific department/whole company. While creating a master signature, please put in the information that will be defaulted for all signatures (like the company's name, company's website, company's logo, etc.) and include personal information, real or imaginary, so as to see how the final signature will look.

Step 4. After saving the master signature, please click on the Import Data button and select Google Workspace Directory from the dropdown menu.

Step 5. Now it’s time to map signature fields with relevant data in Google Directory profiles. Click Choose data source to define whether the data should be taken from the master signature or Workspace attribute should be applied:

Make sure you have mapped all signature fields with appropriate data sources before proceeding with the next step.

Step 6. Choose whether you prefer to import personal photos from Google Workspace or not. If you choose not to import photos, the image from the Master Signature will be used for all the signatures.

Step 7. After clicking Next, you are welcome to select users or organizational units that you would like to create signatures for. You can use a search field to find particular users or select all users at once.

Step 8. Lastly, review the selected profiles or organizational units you want to create signatures for.

Step 9. Click Import to generate email signatures on the basis of the master signature together with data imported from the GW Directory.

Please review the created signatures to make sure everything is filled up correctly and proceed with the deployment.

Note: After the signatures were created, every 24 hours our system can track if any changes were applied to the Google accounts of your employees. If any changes are detected, our system will update signatures with new information. In case you need the changes to be applied immediately, please use the Force Signatures Update option (Integrations tab -> three vertical dots button).

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