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How to create signatures by using a CSV file?
How to create signatures by using a CSV file?

Use the spreadsheet functionality to create signatures for all your teammates quicker and faster than ever

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If you need to create a bunch of similar signatures or just more than a few, the CSV Import option will save your time significantly.

Please watch the quick overview on how to use the CSV import or follow the detailed instruction below:

1. Create a Department Master Signature. The style you set in Master will influence all the other signatures in the department. You can change it at any time. This guide will help you to create the Master signature: What is the master signature?

2. Make sure to add to the Master all the fields that you expect to see in the signatures and to leave unlocked the fields that you want to fill in with the help of the CSV.

3. When the Master signature is ready, click Import Data below it and then click CSV.

4. Download the CSV sample:

Important: If you made any changes to the Master signature, please make sure to download a new CSV file, as a unique Master signature means a unique CSV file.


5. Open the CSV sample with Google Spreadsheets and insert all the information you want to have in the signatures. Refer to the notes at the bottom of this article on how to fill out the information in a correct way.

6. Upload a ready CSV file to the platform and click Create signatures.

And have all your signatures ready!


  • Please do not delete any columns that you do not use and do not add any new columns. Just fill out the form and leave the file as it is.

  • When putting image URLs, please make sure to use the direct links only that have nothing but the image (opening a preview of the file in Google Drive won't work).
    You can generate direct URLs for the images stored in Google Drive using Google Drive Direct Link Generator.

  • When you insert the address, do not put any commas there to avoid confusing fields. Add commas in the editor or replace them with "," which is an HTML substitute for commas (e.x. John, Owner which in the signature will look like John, Owner).

  • When you insert the phone number and need to use + "plus", please replace it with "+" which is an HTML substitute for plus.

  • When using the Microsoft Excel app to fill in the contact details, please make sure to save the file in CSV (Comma Delimited) format:

  • If you need to update any info in the signatures created with the help of CSV - you have to edit them manually, as uploading the CSV with the updated info will result in creating duplicates.

  • Do not use any characters other than UTF-8.

Let us know if any questions come up.

Take care of your signatures!

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