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How to create and set up an account with Newoldstamp most efficiently?
How to create and set up an account with Newoldstamp most efficiently?

Newoldstamp piques your interest? Create an account, test our solution inside out and define the best flow manage signatures for your team

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Welcome to Newoldstamp! To learn more about our product for smooth signatures management, to check what is available, and to see how your team might benefit from using Newoldstamp, please create an account here.

After creating your account, you can create your first signature and explore our signatures editor features.

Then, choose the signature package to unlock all other features in the Signature Manager.

Now, you are ready to proceed with account setup!

Step 1: Decide whether you want all the signatures for your team to look the same based on the same standard template or prefer different signatures with different designs/CTAs for various departments.

Once you've decided, you can start by creating the Department list.

Step 2. After setting the list of departments, the next step is to create a master signature for each department. In short, this helps establish a layout that will determine the look and contents of all the signatures in the department. All the signatures you create later will inherit the changes you make to the Master signature.

To create brand-compliant signatures with all the necessary elements, please familiarize yourself with our Signature Generator and its options.

Step 3. Create the signatures for the end-users using one of the methods described in this article.

Step 4. When signatures are ready for use, choose how you want the signatures to be installed. As outlined in this article, you can ask your end-users to install signatures using a simple Copy-Paste method or have everything deployed automatically if you are a Google Workspace or Office 365/Outlook Exchange user.

If you've finished the previous steps, it's the right time to check how the Analytics feature works and how to run Banner campaigns efficiently.

However, the most efficient and quick way to set up your Newoldstamp account is to book a call with our Account Managers. Please select the most convenient time for you here. Our experts will thoroughly review your needs and suggest the implementation steps for Newoldstamp that perfectly cover all your requirements.

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