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How to create signatures on the basis of master signature?
How to create signatures on the basis of master signature?

Check how to create unified signatures

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After creating a Master signature, there are 4 different ways how to create user signatures:

1) Create the signatures manually. Just click the Create signature button and fill in the user information manually. This is especially useful if you need to create only 1 or 2 signatures.

2) Invite users to create signatures. Delegate filling in the personal data using Invite to create feature. The detailed guide can be found here: How to invite users to create signatures on their own?

3) Import data using the CSV upload feature. Download the spreadsheet and enter all the information that you want to appear in the signatures. Each row is responsible for one employee. Then upload the file, and the signatures will be generated. More details can be found in this article: How to create signatures by using a CSV file?

4) Import data from Google Workspace Directory. This option requires to set up the integration with Google Workspace and will save your time if the Google Workspace Directory is filled with the user information. More information can be found here: How to import data from Google Workspace Directory?

Select the most convenient option for you to create signatures for your team. If you need assistance with any of the methods, please do not hesitate to contact Newoldstamp Support team.

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