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How to invite users to create signatures on their own?
How to invite users to create signatures on their own?

Delegate the task of creating signatures

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If you need to create signatures for a team, you can delegate filling in the personal data using Invite to create feature. Users who receive an invitation will be able to create signatures without registering an account or having access to yours.

1. Create a Master signature.

The function of a master signature is to set up the template which will help to create standardized signatures for the specific department/whole company. While creating a master signature, put in general information that will be similar for all signatures (like company's name, company's website, etc.). You can as well add personal information that is going to be replaced by unique information for every signature later or avoid putting it at all:

2. Lock the fields that will be similar for all signatures by hovering over them and clicking the lock icon. Only those fields that you left unlocked will be available for editing.

3. Add fields that should be available for editing like Name, Title, Email address, Phone number, etc. and leave them unlocked:

4. You might want to lock the sections from the Design tab as well:

5. Upload a photo or logo through the Images section. Please make sure to set the correct size of the images, as it will define the size for all images in the department, or leave this Images style section unlocked, so users will be able to set the desired size.

6. Add an image hyperlink and lock it if it should be similar for all signatures.

7. Add a banner and a banner hyperlink. Lock them if they should be similar for all signatures.

8. Add social icons and links for them. Lock them if they should be similar for all signatures.

9. Add apps through the Apps section and lock them if they shouldn't be available for editing in user signatures.

10. When the Master signature is ready, save it to the dashboard and click Deploy > Invite to create.

11. Click the Copy icon and send the link to the users.

After the link is opened, only unlocked fields will be available for editing:

Right after users type in their personal info, they will have an option to save the signature and install it by clicking the Copy signature button:



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