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General Signature Manager overview
General Signature Manager overview

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The Signature Manager page is the first page you see when you log in to your Newoldstamp account.

There are two ways to learn more about the features of our General Signature Manager:

You can watch our short overview video:

Or read our clarification about each feature of our General Signature Manager below:

Here's what you need to know about the General Signature Manager:

1. The General Signature Manager includes a Dashboard for all your signatures.

2. The Department list section is in the upper center of the page.
You can easily switch to different departments by clicking on their names.

3. The department Master signature is on the left of the Department list.
It defines the layout for all department signatures.

4. The Signature list section is located right in the center.
It shows the signatures in the currently chosen department.

5. To create new signatures, use the Import Data or Create signature buttons in the upper right corner of this section.

6. You can sort all signatures in the department by their labels (Sent, Not Installed, Installed).

7. You can find a specific signature by typing its name into a search box (1).

8. You can switch between grid or list modes (2).

9. ​To deploy new signatures, click the Deploy button and choose between these options:

  • Send by email is helpful when you want to send signatures to your colleagues via email;

  • Invite to create helps you to invite others to create signatures;

  • Deploy to Gmail option allows you to deploy signatures to your Google Workspace employees' accounts;

  • Deploy to Outlook is helpful when you want to deploy signatures to your employees' Outlook.

10. On the left side of the Signature Manager, there is a navigation panel:

There, you can switch to the following:

  • Analytics - to see whether your signatures work efficiently or not.

  • Banner Campaigns - to set the default banner and schedule automatic banner changes.

  • Integrations- to access Google Workspace, Exchange, and Office 365 integrations for easier company-wide signature management.

  • And Partners - to learn more about special deals offered by the Newoldstamp partners.

10. The bottom left corner has a profile icon and an account name. By hovering over it, you can switch to the Upgrade page, Account Settings, Pricing, Privacy Policy, Term of Use, and a page about our affiliate program. There is also a logout button.

Hope this helps you navigate your Newoldstamp account more efficiently.

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