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How to install my email signature?
How to install the signature in the Gmail app on an Android phone?
How to install the signature in the Gmail app on an Android phone?
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At the moment, you can use an HTML signature in the Gmail web app (for more details, please check our guide Can I use my signature on Android?) or only a plain text signature in the Gmail app on Android.

Please follow this guide on how to create a plain text signature and use it in your emails composed in the Gmail app on your Android phone:

Step 1. Create a plain text signature

To create a plain text signature, we recommend adding a new department (for example, named "Plain text signatures for the Gmail app") and choosing the Blank template from our Templates Gallery as the Master template.

Please keep in mind that Plain text signatures are limited to text-only content and do not support images or hyperlinks. We recommend you include only User Info and Contact Info in this signature version. For example, this is how our plain text signature looks:

Based on the Master template, you can mass-create new signatures for the Gmail mobile app by uploading a CSV file or importing data from the Google Workspace Directory.

Step 2. Share signatures for further installation

After you've created and saved your signatures, follow these steps to share them with your colleagues:

2.1. Click on the Deploy button;

2.2. Choose the Send by Email option;

2.3. Select the email addresses of the recipients;

2.4. Hit the Send button to share the signatures for further installation.

The recipients you selected will receive an email containing the signature in their inbox.

Step 3. Install a signature

3.1. To start the signature installation process, please open the email received using the Gmail app on your Android phone. Once opened, tap the Get your signature button to view it on a browser installed on your device, preferably Chrome.

3.2. Double-tap on the iPhone/iPad icon in the list of email clients to close the instructions.

3.3. Next, use the Copy signature button to get your signature ready for use.

3.4. Open the Gmail app on your Android phone.

3.5. Select your mail account.

3.6. Then go to the Main Menu.

3.7. Open Settings.

3.8. Choose for which your mail account you would like to add your signature.

3.9. Scroll down to the Mobile signature settings.

3.10. Paste your signature into the settings, edit its design, and click OK.

Note: Make sure you don't have any transparent images included in your signature (if you see any, select and remove them), then click OK to save all changes.

​Nice work! Now, each email you send from your Gmail app on your Android phone will include your plain text signature.

If you need further information, please contact our Support team via live chat or email at

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