Android devices are currently known for their poor HTML signature support in the majority of email apps.

Currently, none of the official Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo apps can let you install HTML signatures. However, here are three workarounds that may work for you:

  1. First, use Gmail or Outlook web apps.

    You can use Gmail and Outlook in your browser by going to or, respectively. It grabs your signature from the account where you had your signature installed (installed it on Outlook Web Application or Gmail priorly).

    If you need to send an email with an HTML signature in Gmail, please open the Chrome browser and log in to your Gmail there. It’s Go to the settings and check if the Mobile signature is turned off.

    The signature won’t be visible while you are composing a message, but whenever you send an email from Gmail in Chrome, it grabs your signature from the desktop Gmail account.

The same works with If you have installed the signature in Outlook on the web, select Use my signature from Outlook on the web in the signature settings in your browser.

2. Use Samsung Mail (for Samsung Galaxy s8+ and newer).

If you are holding Samsung Galaxy s8+, s9, or any newer version that came out, you can use your default Samsung Mail app that would let you install HTML signature in Email Signature Settings of your app by copying it and pasting it there.

3. Use third-party apps and sync your email with them.

There are a few apps on the market that can handle HTML signatures. Currently, we have discovered: Spark, Nine, Aquamail, and Newton.

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