You will be able to automatically manage email signatures for your company after setting up the integration with Google Workspace.

Once it is done, you need to create signatures for your employees on the Signature Manager tab.

We recommend creating a Master Signature first, so it is easier to create multiple signatures. If you have Google Workspace Directory filled with the contact information of employees, you can generate email signatures by importing data from the Workspace Directory.

After creating the signatures, click Deploy > Deploy to Google Workspace.

The pop-up you will see next shows the list of the signatures you created. If the signature had an email address it will be automatically grabbed from it and the signature synced with the corresponding email account in Google Workspace directory.

If the email address is missing in the signature, you will have to manually type in the email account to sync the signature with.

After inserting all the necessary email addresses, click Verify users for the Newoldstamp app to check whether the email addresses exist within the Google Workspace directory.

After all email accounts have been verified, click Deploy to start the signatures roll-out.

When the deploy has been successful, all the signatures you deployed should have an "Installed" label on them.

It is recommended to repeat the deployment process after you make certain changes to the Master Signature, especially when the signatures changed their label to "Not Installed".

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