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How to Duplicate a Master signature to a new department?
How to Duplicate a Master signature to a new department?

Find what the Duplicate master feature is

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Now that you have understood the purpose of the Department list, let us introduce you to our Duplicate Master feature.

The Duplicate Master feature helps you to create unique signature designs for various user groups or companies in a new department and modify a Master signature design accordingly.

Here's how you can use this feature:

1. First, in the list of departments, find the department whose master signature you would like to copy to the new department.

2. Hover over a Master signature and click Duplicate master button.

3. Name your new department and click Duplicate button.

4. Your new department will now appear in your Department list. You can rename the department and create signatures.

Note: You can create signatures using Import Data or Create Signature buttons in the upper right corner of this section. Create signature option is useful when you need to create just one signature. The Import Data button allows you to create multiple signatures.

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