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Why user signatures don't reflect changes of the department's Master Template?
Why user signatures don't reflect changes of the department's Master Template?

Fix and restore inheritance between user signatures and the Master Template.

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Master Signature helps to set a layout that will determine the look of all the signatures in the department and their contents. It's the easiest way to manage signatures in bulk.

Inherited Information.

User signatures inherit changes from the Master Signature upon creation. Nevertheless, as soon as you make any changes to a specific user signature's field, the field loses its inheritance and becomes "independent." This safeguard ensures that unique changes to fields in individual signatures remain intact even when the Master Signature is updated.

For instance, if you directly edit the banner image or phone number in any signature, those fields become independent and no longer adopt changes from the Master.

To prevent the fields in User Signatures from losing the inheritance, you can lock those fields or even the whole sections by hovering over them and clicking the lock icon.

Re-establish Inheritance.

If you've noticed that certain or all user signatures don't reflect the recent changes made to the Master template or scheduled via the Banner Campaign, it indicates that the inheritance was lost at some stage.

To re-establish the inheritance of changes between user signature fields and the Master template fields, the only solution is to recreate those signatures. You can achieve this by using one of the ways suggested in this article: How to create signatures on the basis of master signature?

If you still need any assistance with recreating the signatures or restoring the inheritance of changes, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team at

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