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Exchange/Office/Microsoft 365 with mail flow rules: integration overview
Exchange/Office/Microsoft 365 with mail flow rules: integration overview

Learn how to automate the signatures management process in case you are an Outlook user

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Newoldstamp can be integrated with your Exchange server, regardless of whether it is on-premise or a cloud server.

The integration allows you to add signatures automatically to users' emails without having them do any installation work. It becomes possible by creating the signature template, synchronizing it with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), and deploying the templates to Exchange/Office/Microsoft 365 mail flow rules.

Here are 4 main steps to make the company email signatures work through the integration:

Step 1. Set up the connection between Newoldstamp and Exchange/Office/Microsoft 365 through the Microsoft Entra ID Application (formerly Azure Active Directory). This guide will help you with the necessary steps: How to integrate Newoldstamp with Microsoft/Exchange 365 online with Security Defaults enabled.

Step 2. Prepare your Active Directory. All users’ data that you would love to be used in the signatures should be filled in. The Department field should have some value if you wish to create different signatures for different groups of users. Learn more in this guide.

Step 3. Create a signature template. You can create an unlimited number of templates, including separate templates for the inbound, outbound, reply, and forward emails, or stick to one template for all signatures. Learn how to create a signature template here.

Step 4. Create segments depending on how you would like to group users and deploy the templates accordingly.

Should you need any assistance on how to get started, please do not hesitate to reach us at

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