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All CollectionsHow does Newoldstamp pricing work?
How to choose the most suitable plan?
How to choose the most suitable plan?

Have any questions on how to choose the best package to cover your needs? This article should be very helpful for you then

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While starting your email signatures project please take your time to decide whether you plan to implement the solution for every department of your company, or just for some of them.

Then, calculate how many users work in every department you decided to generate signatures for.

Additionally, take into account whether you need just 1 signature for every staff member, or there are some employees who have several positions, correspondingly several job titles in your company.

Also, do not forget to consider whether your team plans to grow and employ new colleagues in the near future.

Having all this analyzed, you will know for sure what is the best signature package for you to start with.

In terms of our pricing model, here we count the total number of unique signatures you have created under your Newoldstamp account. This means that if you have created a couple of signatures for the same person but with different titles or CTAs, or all the signatures for the team are created on the basis of one and the same template, our system will count every signature separately.

After you have made the analysis and are ready to start using Newoldstamp, you still might not know for sure how many signatures you will need as a result. So, we recommend you start with a minimum package and once you reach that limit but need more signatures to be created, you can easily upgrade your package by following this instruction.

If you find it hard to choose the most suitable package for your company, please feel free to schedule a quick call with our Account Manager and get a personalized analysis of your needs together with the suggestion of our expert.

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