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How to add more signatures or upgrade your Newoldstamp plan?
How to add more signatures or upgrade your Newoldstamp plan?

Your team grows and you need more signatures to create. Find the steps on how to upgrade your subscription in a smooth way

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Here at Newoldstamp, we prefer to make the experience of our users as smooth as possible, so you can easily upgrade your current Newoldstamp plan yourself.

Please choose one of the ways to proceed:

  1. Log into your account and hover over your name at the bottom of the screen;

  2. You will be shown a pop-up with several options. Please choose Upgrade - the first in the list:

Or, you can select the second option - Account Settings and the following page will be opened:

3. Now, please click on the Upgrade or Upgrade plan button.

No matter which button you click, you will be forwarded to the pricing page.

Here you have to select the next tier you would like to upgrade. For your convenience, our system will show you the prorated package difference you will be billed today if you upgrade and what is the total amount you will be paid for your new subscription plan when the next payment is planned.

4. Click Upgrade to have more signatures available under your Newoldstamp account:

In case you need 200+ signatures to be available under your account, please contact us at or schedule a quick call with one of our Account Managers.

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