1. Create a signature to get acquainted with the NEWOLDSTAMP editor by clicking Create Signature button on the Email Signature Manager. Check “How to use the signature editor” to find out how to create a signature.


2. After you save your signature, it is stored in the Email Signature Manager. Hover over it to edit, delete, preview, and set it as Master Signature. You can also start using the signature if you need just one after upgrading your account.


3. The easiest way to manage multiple signatures is to Set up a Master signature (or set a User Signature as Master). It helps present a layout that will determine the look of all the signatures in the department and their contents. All the signatures you create later on will inherit the changes you make to the Master signature. You can avoid creating a Master signature if your signatures are supposed to look unique and have a different template.


4. You can add multiple departments to manage multiple groups of signatures separately. Each department has its own Master Signature. It is useful if you want to run different banner campaigns or have certain signatures to look different from each other. It is also easier to roll out the signatures in portions having the signatures split into groups. Click the Department name to change it.  

The Master Signature can be duplicated into a new department to avoid creating one for new departments from scratch.


5. Create the rest of the signatures in one of the following ways:

- Click Create Signature button on the Email Signature Manager tab and create signatures one by one. 

- Click Import -> CSV Upload to make bulk user data import. Download a Sample file and fill it out with the data. Make sure you leave the file formatting in its original format. Please save the file and Upload it back to the website. 

- Click Deploy -> Send by email button on the Email Signature Manager tab or click Invite to create and share the link with your colleagues to create the signatures themselves based on the Master signature. (Feature available after account upgrade)


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