Note: Make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Firefox during the installation process.

Create your email signature on and follow these simple steps to install it into Mac Mail.

Step 1.

After you finish creating your email signature, click Save to dashboard button under the signature preview.

Or if you have saved your signature priorly, hover over your signature on the Dashboard and click Use button.

Step 2.

Select the Apple icon in the list of email clients.

Step 3.

Under the Signature preview click the Copy signature button, which will save the signature code in the clipboard.d.

Step 4.

Open Mail App on your computer and go to Mail App signature preferences (Mail > Preferences > Signatures)

Step 5.

Choose which account you want to use the signature for and click “+” button to add a new signature and give it a name.

Step 6.

Uncheck the “Always match the default font” box.

Step 7.

Paste the signature into the signature box (CMD + V).

Step 8.

Close the signature settings window regardless of how the signature looks like on the preview as sometimes it may look disrupted. 

Compose a new email to see your new email signature in action.

Important note: If you’ve saved your signature and it’s not formatting correctly in the email, double-check the following settings:

  • The setting “Always match my default message font” should not be selected.
    Please check this in your mail settings and paste in your signature only after it’s been unchecked.

  • If your signature was looking alright yesterday, and today there are no links or images, it could be your plain text setting is activated in your emails.
    Check your Composing settings to make sure the Rich Text option is selected.

  • Please also check your Viewing settings to make sure your Mac Mail is set to Load remote content in messages. This will make sure all images load in your emails.

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