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How to install my email signature?
How to install the email signature to the Apple Mail app on iPhone/iPad?
How to install the email signature to the Apple Mail app on iPhone/iPad?

Installation Guide for iPhone/iPad

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Create your email signature on and follow these simple steps to install it on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 1: Select the Signature

Hover over the signature you want to install in the Signature list. Look for the "Share signature" button (it's shaped like an arrow).

Step 2: Email the signature to your device

Fill in the form with your email address, then click "Send."

Step 3: Access the Email on Your iPhone/iPad

Open the email on your iPhone or iPad using the Mail app. Once opened, tap the "Get your signature" button to view it on a web browser (preferably Safari).

Step 4: Copy Your Signature

Double-tap on the iPhone/iPad icon in the list of email clients to close the instructions and use the "Copy signature" button to get your signature ready for use.

Step 5: Add Your Signature to Email Settings

Go to iPhone/iPad Settings > Mail > Signature. In the signature box, tap and hold, then select "Paste" to add your copied signature.

Step 6: Finalize and Test

Close the signature settings window. Compose a new email in the Mail app to see your branded and professional email signature in action.

Congratulations! Now you will see your new signature in every email you send with Apple Mail on iPhone/iPad.

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