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Fixing Office Add-in Synchronization Error: Expired Secret ID
Fixing Office Add-in Synchronization Error: Expired Secret ID
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You've been seamlessly using the Newoldstamp Office Add-in for some time already and suddenly run into an error that says "Update process cannot be completed" or "Connection error". No worries. This could simply mean that the Application (Client) Secret ID you generated when setting up the integration has expired.

In this article, we'll show you how to fix this issue and get your Office Add-in up and running!

Step 1. Verify the Application (Client) expiration date.

  1. Go to the Azure AD portal and sign in with your Azure AD account.

  2. Navigate to the App Registrations and select the Newoldstamp app from the list of Owned Applications.

  3. On the left-side menu, under Manage, click Certificates & secrets.

  4. Check the expiration date of your current Client Secret:

  5. If you see a red exclamation icon and an already passed date, it means that you need to update your Client's secret.

Step 2. Generate New Client Secret.

  1. On the Certificates & secrets page, click + New client secret.

  2. In the dialog that appears, provide a Description for the new secret, select the expiration period, and click Add.

  3. Copy the secret and make sure to save it somewhere to access it later. The secret will not be accessible after you proceed from here.

Step 3. Re-connect the Office Add-in Integration.

  1. In your Newoldstamp account, navigate to the Integrations tab on the left-side menu and click Disconnect on the Office Add-in option.

  2. Now, when you click Connect the Add-in, you'll see the form where you need to provide the following credentials:

    • Application ID (can be copied from the app Overview, Application (client) ID in the Azure AD as shown below)

    • Newly generated Application (client) secret (saved in Step 2)

    • Application Tenant ID (can be copied from the app Overview, Directory (tenant) ID in the Azure AD as shown below)

  3. Click the Continue button and finish the connection.

All set! If you successfully refreshed the Newoldstamp connection with the Office Add-in, you can continue taking full advantage of the integration for automated email signature management.

Feel free to contact our Support Team at or via chat if you need further assistance!

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