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FAQ: Microsoft Add-in

Check answers for frequently asked questions on direct integration with Outlook through the Microsoft Add-in

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1. What if I need to update the contact info about a specific user?

The only way to edit the existing signature is to hover over it on the Signature Manager and click Edit.

2. What if I need to create a signature for a newcomer?

You can create a signature by importing data from the AD for the specific user.

3. What if I have to create signatures for different companies?

You can connect Newoldstamp only to one domain at a time using the integration. So, if you need to create signatures for different companies, you can make them either manually or create a separate Newoldstamp account for every company.

4. Can I see the signature while composing a message?

Yes, the signature will appear every time you compose a message.

5. Should every employee install an Add-in themselves?

No, Add-in should be installed centrally through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

6. How else can I create signatures if my AD is unprepared?

You can also create signatures manually or by using the CSV file upload.

โ€‹7. What versions of Outlook Add-in can be used?
The required version:


Outlook version

Supported version and later


Microsoft 365 subscription -
retail perpetual Outlook 2016 and later

from Version 2104
(Build 13929.20296)


new UI

from Outlook
Version 16.38.506

Web browser

Modern Outlook UI when connected to Exchange Online:

Note: If you have an Office 2021 LTSC or any other oldest Office with an old Outlook version, please update them to the newest version specified above.

8. Why are some email addresses marked as not verified when I try to deploy the signatures?

Please ensure you have entered the domain's email address that you have connected to Newoldstamp. If the email address is newly created, it might take the system about 24 hours to recognize it. To speed up the process, please use the Force Signatures Update option.

9. What should I do if the new contact data isn't displayed in my signatures?

Every 24 hours, our system can track if any changes were applied to your employees' Outlook accounts. If you need the changes to be applied immediately, please use the Force Signatures Update option (Integrations tab -> three vertical dots button).

10. Can the licensed mailboxes or aliases be synchronized with Add-in Integration?

Yes, the licensed mailboxes and aliases of the exact mailbox can be synchronized with Add-in Integration. Please ensure you use Outlook on Windows version 2304 (Build 16327.20248) or later, Outlook on MAC version 16.77.816.0 or later, or OWA or Modern Outlook web UI when connected to Exchange Online.

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