1. What if I need to update the contact info about a specific user?

    The only way to edit the existing signature is to hover over it on the Signature Manager and click Edit.

  2. What if I need to create a signature for a newcomer?

    You can create a signature by importing data from the AD for the specific user.

  3. What if I have to create signatures for different companies?

    Using the integration you can connect Newoldstamp only to one domain at once. So, if you need to create signatures for different companies, you can create them either manually or create a separate Newoldstamp account for every company.

  4. Can I see the signature while composing a message?

    Yes, the signature will appear every time you compose a message.

  5. Should every employee install Add-in themselves?

    No, Add-in should be installed centrally through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  6. How else can I create signatures if my AD is not prepared?

    You can also create signatures manually or by using the CSV file upload.

  7. What versions of Outlook Add-in can be used with?

    The minimum required version:

    • For Outlook on Mac is 16.54 (21101001), New Outlook mode.

    • For Outlook on Windows is 16.0.14511.10000.

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