How to deploy signatures using Microsoft 365 Add-in?

Learn how to deploy the ready signatures to users accounts in Outlook

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The signatures that have been created either with Import from AD, manually, or by using the CSV file upload - can be deployed to the users which have the Add-in installed to their Outlook.

After signatures are ready click Deploy > Deploy to Outlook.

The pop-up you will see next shows the list of the signatures you created. The signatures created based on Microsoft 365 accounts will be automatically associated with the email addresses of these accounts. For manually created signatures, please associate the signatures with particular email addresses to deploy signatures to.

After inserting all the necessary email addresses, click Verify users for the Newoldstamp app to check whether the email addresses exist within the Active Directory.

After all email accounts have been verified, click Deploy to start the signatures roll-out.

When the deployment has been successfully completed, all the signatures you deployed should have an "Installed" label on them.

Now when the user composes a new email the signature will automatically appear:

It is necessary to repeat the deployment process after you make any changes to the Master Signature or the user signature, especially when the signatures changed their label to "Not Installed".

Note: If the signatures were created through the Active Directory import and you have enabled the Automatic Signature Update, our system will sync users' data every 24 hours and redeploy the installed signatures automatically.
If you wish to make the update instantly, you can click the three dots button on the Office Add-in connection and then choose Force Signatures Update.

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach us at

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