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Exchange/Office/Microsoft 365 integration
Exchange/Office/Microsoft 365
How to prepare your Active Directory for the integration setup?
How to prepare your Active Directory for the integration setup?
Learn how to prepare well before setting up the connection with your Active Directory
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Once you decide to have signatures created automatically, please be aware that the personal information about your users is not added via Signature Generator. Instead, it is automatically taken from your Active Directory.

To make it work, you need to have Active Directory filled with valid user data, and this data is synced with Exchange users' attributes. The user data has specific attributes that we can refer to for automatic data import and dynamically manage the signature data.

The following steps will help you to edit the department field in the user’s information.

  1. Open Azure Active Directory with admin credentials.

2. Click Users tab:

3. Choose a user from the list of users.

4. Scroll down to the department field and click the Edit button.

5. Type in the name of the department.

6. Save the changes.

Now, you are welcome to proceed with connecting your Active Directory to your Newoldstamp account.

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