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FAQ: Signature manager
FAQ: Signature manager

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1. Can I transfer a signature from one department to another?

As for the moment, there is no way to do so. Usually, the department Master signatures differ, so transferring the signatures would cause incompatibility errors.

2. Can I delete a signature?

Yes, just hover over it on the signature manager and click the Trash icon.

3. How often can I make updates to the signatures?

You can update the signatures as many times as required while you keep your subscription valid.

4. Can I update all signatures in a bunch?

Yes, you can make bunch updates by applying changes to the Master signature, and all signatures in the department will inherit the changes.

5. Can I duplicate the master signature?

Yes, you can duplicate the master signature by hovering over it and clicking Duplicate master

6. Can I duplicate the user signature?

Yes, you can duplicate the user signature by hovering over it and clicking Duplicate signature.

7. Can I preview the signature before the installation?

Yes, just hover over it and click the Eye icon.

8. Can I rename the department?

Yes, you can rename the department by selecting it and clicking the Pen icon.

9. How many departments can I have under my account?

You can create an unlimited number of departments.
โ€‹10. How can I have different banners under one department?

You can upload a different banner to each signature separately. Please note, that this will cause the signature to stop inheriting a banner from the Master signature.

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