1. What if my Google Directory is not prepared with contact information about my colleagues?
    In this case you can use the CSV upload feature. Just download the spreadsheet and enter all the information that you want to appear in the signatures. Each row is responsible for one employee. Then upload the file, and the signatures will be generated.

  2. What if I have to create signatures for different companies (domains)?

    You can connect your Newoldstamp account only to one Google Workspace domain at the same time. If you need to create signatures for multiple Google Workspace domains, please create a separate account for each of them.

  3. Why are some email addresses marked as not verified when I try to deploy the signatures?

    Please make sure that you have entered the email address that belongs to the domain that you have connected Newoldstamp to.

  4. Can I deploy the signature to my email alias?

    Sure, it's possible to deploy signatures to your alias accounts. Just enter the email address connected to an email alias once deploying the signature.

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