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What fonts can I apply to my signature?
What fonts can I apply to my signature?

Learn what fonts can be applied to your signature

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Every device comes with its own pre-installed font selection. The selection is based largely on its operating system. The ‘Web safe’ ones appear across all operating systems. They’re the small collection of fonts that overlap from Windows to Mac to Google (even Unix or Linux ones too).

In our signature editor, we have gathered web-safe fonts that perfectly work on all devices.

To check the available fonts, please go to the Text section on the left-hand side of the editor, click on the Design tab and choose the web-safe font from the list.

The custom font you use is not always downloaded on the machine of your end-user, so a fall-back font should be applied.

Also, your signature should look at least similar to the font in which the email is written. This is really important in business communication.

If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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