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How to add emoji or icon to your signature?
How to add emoji or icon to your signature?

Use emojis instead of words to denote your contact information

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Do you love having various options to design my signature, emojis and icons are exactly what make it much more interesting!

Let's see how to do it.

Here is the full list of emojis and a link to the file with icons where you can choose the ones that you like for each field you are going to use. Simply "Copy and Paste" them into the signature. So, you need to:

1. Choose your emoji/icon from the website.

2. Copy it.

3. And paste to the left-side field in the Text section as you see on the screenshot.

There is another way to choose the emoji/icon you would like to use:

Just right-click on the field where you would like to insert the emoji/icon and choose one from the list that you like the most:

Now your signature looks more attractive than earlier for sure. Use it as your new marketing channel and enjoy!

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