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How to create and design the basic signature?
How to create and design the basic signature?

They say first impressions are important, but what about last impressions?

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If you conduct business via email, your email signature is often one of the final points of communication a recipient has with your service/brand. A good email signature is simple, informative, professional, and puts the information at the forefront.

Creating an email signature seems like a simple task. Here are a few tips on how to create and design the basic signature:

1. Keep it short; include only a little information.

Provide all the necessary information about you and your company, but stay brief. Add your name, logo, or personal photo to attract attention to your signature.

2. Customize according to your position.

Remember to fill out your title, position, and department information.

3. Add social media icons.

This will drive traffic to your social media profiles and help set up additional contact channels with your prospect.

4. Promote recent content with banner campaigns.

Upcoming conference appearances, new product launches, and discounts can all be featured in a signature. Letting people know about an important event in the company is okay.

5. Use a Call-to-action.

Include a CTA to push the recipients to follow a link to learn more about your company or offer.

If you've always wanted your email to look professional but have yet to learn how to start, Newoldtamp can help you!

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