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FAQ: Banner Campaigns
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1. Can I have several banners applied to the same department simultaneously?

No, only one banner can be simultaneously applied to one department.

2. If I make the banner campaign, will a new banner automatically be attached to my company emails?
Yes, the banner set via the Banner Campaign is automatically updated on the installed signatures.

Note: If you use the Outlook desktop, the signature must be reinstalled because the Outlook desktop caches data and does not allow auto-updating images.

3. Can I have different banners depending on the recipients?

No, a fixed banner is applied to the signature. If you prefer multiple banners, you are welcome to create several signatures for every user so they can select and apply a signature with an appropriate banner for the recipient.

4. What dimensions and specs are recommended for a banner?

We recommend keeping the ratio 1:5 or 1:6. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to use a high-quality image, and more importantly - the image's resolution should be divisible by 2, 5, and 10. For example, banners from the gallery are 1000x200 px.

Advisable PNG format.

5. Can I import an animated banner (GIF)?

You can use an animated GIF as a banner in your signature. Please make sure the size of the GIF is up to 5 MB.

6. Can I change the previous banner campaign dates?

Unfortunately, changing the dates of an already scheduled banner campaign is impossible. But as a workaround, you can duplicate the active banner campaign and set it to run during the new timeframe.

7. Can I track how many clicks my banner has gathered?

You can track the analytics gathered for every banner by filtering departments and selecting the timeframes.

8. What happens when the campaign expires?

Once the banner campaign expires, a default banner will be automatically applied to the signatures. You will define the default banner for the signatures before launching the first campaign.

9. What banner will be displayed in the thread once the campaign is over?
A default banner will be displayed in the thread when the campaign is over.

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