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How to check if every signature is already installed?
How to check if every signature is already installed?

Track whether every signatures was successfully installed or not yet

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You have created standardized signatures for your team and shared signatures for installation. There is nothing else you need to do after these steps. The only thing you might be interested in is tracking whether every colleague has already installed their new signature, or not yet.

To achieve this, please have a look at the Signature list directly in the Signature manager. In the top right corner of every signature, you will notice a label of a specific color.

Green label which says ‘Installed’ means that the signature was successfully applied and is already used in all newly sent messages.

Orange label which says ‘Sent’ means that the signature was sent and received by the user but for some reason, it’s not installed yet. In case the label is not changed to a green one within some period of time, we advise you to resend the signature once again or reach your colleague directly and remind them about the missing signature.

Red label which says ‘Not installed’ means that you haven’t sent the signature to the end-user yet, so the action is required on your end. Please note that every time you make any changes to the signatures, a ‘Not installed’ label will be applied, so do not forget to re-send updated signatures.

For your convenience, you can filter by label signatures to track who has not installed their new signature yet, for example.

By tracking labels, you get additional benefits from using Newoldstamp solution for central signatures management as it helps you to control every user the signature was created for.

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