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How to contact the Newoldstamp Support team?
How to contact the Newoldstamp Support team?

Need help with your Newoldstamp account or do not know how to get started? Find out how to get in touch with us.

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If you need help using the Newoldstamp solution for smooth signatures management, there are different options you can use to contact our Customer Support team.

Option 1: Use an online chat

Go to our website and find a chat icon in the bottom right corner. A chat window will be opened by clicking on the icon, and you are welcome to start a conversation with our Support team. This is the best way to reach our team if you have an urgent question:

Option 2: Use a Contact Us form

In case you prefer chatting via email, you are welcome to submit your request directly to or use a Contact us form. While using the last option, you will have a chance to select the type of request you have and to get as many informative replies as possible; we kindly ask you to fill every field with all possible details from your end first:

Option 3: Visit our Knowledge Base to find a reply to your question

In case our Customer Support team is not available when you submit your request, you are welcome to use our Knowledge Base. While working on it, we tried to prepare guides for all frequently asked questions and explain the work and purpose of every feature/option you might find under your Newoldstamp account. Please check our Knowledge Base here or search for an answer directly in the chat window:

Our friendly Customer Support team is always happy to help you with any questions!

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