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How does Newoldstamp pricing work?
How to transfer the subscription ownership if I leave the company?
How to transfer the subscription ownership if I leave the company?

Choose any other responsible person for Newoldstamp subscription management to make sure signatures will work without any interruption

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In case you leave the company or switch positions, and from now on, the email signatures project and management of your subscription with Newoldstamp is no longer your responsibility, please invite your colleague to substitute you with this.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Please go to your Account settings;

  2. Switch to Account Admins tab:

3. Click Invite admin

4. Once you see the invitation window, please enter the contact information about your colleague. Make sure to choose the Owner role and press Invite:

Your colleague will receive an invitation via email, so kindly ask your colleague to check their inbox for a message like this and click Accept the invitation:

By accepting the invitation, your colleague will create an account with Newoldstamp and get direct access to your account.

In case your email address is used for payment processing and it will be deactivated once you leave, please contact us at so we can assist you with the update of billing information.

Once your colleague is invited as an Account owner and your company subscription email address is updated, you can delete your account in the Profile tab by clicking the following option:

After you delete your Newoldstamp account, your subscription with Newoldstamp will not be deleted as now there is another member of your company who will be transferred the subscription ownership.

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