How to use Newoldstamp for free?

Learn what is available if using Newoldstamp for free

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Newoldstamp service works on a paid subscription basis. But, we indeed have a free editor with a bit of limited functions.

To access our free editor, please log out of your account in Newoldstamp (if created earlier) and go to You will have to recreate the signature from the very beginning. Please keep in mind that just a few tabs with limited design options are available for free usage.

Once you have created a signature you will have a Save and Install button available, so you can easily apply the signature to your email client and every device used.

After clicking on the Save and Install button you will be forwarded to the page where you can get the signature itself and receive the installation guides we advise our users to follow, so to make the signature work well:

In case you have any hesitations about whether paid Newoldstamp version is worth trialing, let us provide you with a brief comparison of free and paid versions below:

The free version gives you just a signatures’ generation option, which cannot be further found in the dashboard. Using a free version, you will have to generate each sig one by one for your colleagues which will not be sufficient.

While talking about the paid version:

1. You get personalized professional signatures with a clickable personal photo/company’s logo and banner (another pic at the bottom of your sig with some Call To Action you prefer to engage more traffic);

2. Management. You can easily change your photo, text in the sig, CTA anytime needed, etc. Moreover, you can update the signatures of the whole team just in a few clicks;

3. Branding. You can set the necessary colors, fonts, design style right according to your needs. There is extended access to our templates and many other customization options;

4. You get Analytics to see whether your sig works efficiently or not. With the help of analytics, you can check what your recipients love more: link to your website, URL to your Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter/any other page you included, so this helps to define where you could put more effort as this could be your primary sales/marketing channel. In other words, you analyze the behavior and preference of your audience.

To test our paid version of Newoldstamp and check all its benefits in practice, please create your account here and start a free 7-day trial.

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