How to cancel your trial?

Learn how to cancel your trial with Newoldstamp

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Important note: If you were testing/inviting additional account owners/admins, please make sure to go to Account Settings, then to the Account admins tab, and remove all account Owners or Administrators listed in the tab by clicking Remove admin (Trash) button, then proceed with account deletion. Or you can contact our Support team to help you with cancellation.​

Here are three possible ways to have your trial with Newoldstamp canceled:

1. Please check your inbox for a message sent on behalf of our payment processing partner (Paddle). This message should contain information that your trial will be converted into a paid subscription shortly. You can find an option to cancel your trial there:

2. Please feel free to contact us via our live chat or email at in case you can't find the message mentioned in the first variant, and we will gladly help you with trial cancellation on our end.

By choosing the first or the second option, you can have your trial canceled, which will prevent any planned payments, but your account with Newoldstamp will not be deleted.

3. In case you wish to stop your trial and delete your Newoldstamp account at all, please navigate to your Account Settings and press here in the following option:

You will see a pop-up window where you must confirm your choice, and by clicking on the Delete my account button, you will have your Newoldstamp account deleted, and your trial will be stopped.

If you would love to share any quick feedback on why you have decided to cancel your trial with Newoldstamp, please reach us via our live chat or email at

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