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What if my Newoldstamp subscription is suspended?
What if my Newoldstamp subscription is suspended?

Learn why your Newoldstamp might be blocked and how to have it fixed

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If your renewal payment fails, the payment service tries to bill you up to 3 times during the seven days. The subscription date is based on the date on which your previous subscription payment was made.

If one of the attempted payments succeeds, your Newoldstamp subscription is renewed.

If the payment fails after the third attempt, your Newoldstamp subscription is suspended.

An expired or inactive credit card or PayPal account causes failed payments which leads to the suspension of your subscription and correspondingly your Newoldstamp account is blocked.

If this is your case, and you haven’t updated your payment information earlier you should resubscribe from scratch. Kindly learn how to renew your subscription with Newoldstamp here.

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