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How does Newoldstamp pricing work?
What if my Newoldstamp renewal payment failed?
What if my Newoldstamp renewal payment failed?

Learn why your Newoldstamp subscription might be stopped and how to have it renewed

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Your Newoldstamp subscription plan is automatically renewed according to your billing cycle. If the payment provider Paddle cannot charge the credit card or PayPal you used for your last payment, the plan renewal fails. This is typically due to expired or inactive cards.

If your next renewal payment fails, Paddle automatically sends an email.

After you receive the email, we provide extended subscription access to Newoldstamp for up to 7 days. If you do not renew before the 7 days expire, your Newoldstamp subscription will be suspended.

To renew your subscription, please update your payment information and Paddle will automatically initiate another charge attempt.

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