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How does Newoldstamp pricing work?
How to update your Newoldstamp payment information?
How to update your Newoldstamp payment information?

Make sure your Newoldstamp account won’t be suspended

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When you enjoy a product or service, you expect that it runs smoothly and without unexpected interruptions. If you already have a Newoldstamp subscription and have a new credit card or PayPal account you want to use for future payments, you can update your payment information to avoid interruptions caused by unsuccessful payments.

Please take the following steps to update your billing information:

  1. Go to your Account Settings;

  2. Switch to the Billing settings tab and click Update;

You are redirected to your Billing page on You will also be able to see the information about your subscription package there for your convenience.

3. Select Card, PayPal, or Google Pay option and enter new billing information;

4. Save the updates to make the added card, PayPal, or Google Pay now the default payment method.

Another way to update your billing information is to check your inbox for a message with the subject line ‘Your (plan name) Subscription will renew soon’. Once found, please visit the suggested page and enter your new email address, credit card, or PayPal information there.

As a result, your payment information is now updated. The billing system charges the new payment method when your next payment is due.

In case you need any additional help with your payment information update, please get in touch with us at

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