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Why I am getting "The signature is too long" error message in Gmail?
Why I am getting "The signature is too long" error message in Gmail?

Signature in Gmail is too long OR cannot be saved

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When pasting your email signature into Gmail and then clicking Save changes, you may get one of the following error messages:

“The signature is too long. Please try a shorter signature.”

Or, “Sorry, the signature for <your email address> is too long. Please try a shorter signature.”

This happens when your email signature has over 10,000 characters in the HTML code.

It’s important to note that Gmail takes all characters into account, whether it’s HTML code or text.

There are a few ways how to prevent this error message and install your signature as necessary:

1) Before using your email signature, ensure your signature is minified. Minifying the signature means removing all long links, extra text (for example, disclaimer), extra addons, and making the signature as compact as possible to lower the character count in your email signature. To make your links shorter, you can use any online link shortener, for example, Short URL.

2) Try to use the Mozilla browser to copy the signature and paste it to Gmail.

According to our last investigation, the Mozilla browser helps copy the signature without underlines and does not add additional text or characters to your signature.

Note: in the case of Mozilla, your Gmail should be opened in Mozilla too.

3). Ensure the Signature box in Gmail is Empty. When deleting your existing email signature in Gmail, make sure you do it by clicking in the text box and pressing Ctrl + A (Command + A for Mac) to select all, and then delete. This will ensure the full signature is deleted and there is no remaining code present.

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