Let us help you better understand the difference between the packages we have and help you choose the one that serves your needs! So:

I. Starter - best for small companies or individuals (up to 5 signatures). There is only one package with the fixed price

With the Starter package:

  • You can create 1 signature for 1 employee (maximum 5 signatures per company);

  • Central Management;

  • You get access to our banner gallery;

  • Ticket Support.

In case you miss some features like Analytics, Banner campaigns, Integration with Outlook/GSuite/exchange, departments, or more admins, you should consider the Branding or Marketing package.

II. Branding - best for companies that need to standardize the signatures for all employees. You can choose the necessary amount of signatures, starting from 5 signatures up to unlimited.

With the Branding package:

  • You get up to 5 Account Administrators;

  • You can create 1 department;

  • You can have 1 scheduled or active Banner Campaign;

  • Analytics for Banner Campaigns - Basic;

  • Analytics Tab - User will be able to see only the total number of clicks/impressions

  • Integrations are available but limited. Only 1 rule for Exchange/O365 can be set, and one template for G Suite can be used.

III. Marketing - has no limits and includes all the features available in Starter and Branding. The user can choose the necessary amount of signatures, starting from 5 signatures up to unlimited.

Also, you get:

  • 4 signatures per 1 user can be set

  • Unlimited number of departments

  • Unlimited number of scheduled Banner Campaigns

  • Analytics for Banner Campaigns - Advanced

  • Advanced Signature Analytics will help you to track the efficiency of your signatures and preferences of your target market

  • Advanced Integrations with Exchange/O365 and G Suite

  • Priority Support

  • Onboarding will help you to use the max of Newoldstamp.

Here is a more detailed comparison of Branding and Marketing plans:

Our Support team is here for you if you still have any hesitations about which package works better for your team.

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