Now there could be multiple Owners managing company accounts. The Owner has access to everything in the account.

If you are the owner of your company's account and looking at how to configure the Admin’s access to the features for the invited admins, please follow the guide below.

Step 1.

Open Profile and go to Account Settings.

Step 2.

Open the Account Admins tab and click Invite.

Step 3.

In the Invite admin window, you can simultaneously configure the invited users' rights and roles (enabling or disabling individual accesses). Then, after the necessary access is granted, click Invite.

Note: If the invited user becomes an Owner, then all available features are automatically enabled. And in the list of departments, all departments are automatically selected.

If you disable access as Owner, the role management option is automatically disabled and becomes unavailable. However, this access will be activated again if you turn on the Owner.

Step 4.

After sending the invitation, the recipient receives an invitation letter via email. The invited person should click Accept the invitation to be joined to your account.

Step 5.

Then the invited person enters a password and clicks Confirm password so to create an account.

Step 6.

After login, in a new window, the invited person clicks a Dashboard or Go to dashboard button to open the Email Signature Manager and start work with signatures.

That's it. Now the newly invited admins have all granted rights.

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