The easiest way to manage multiple signatures is to set up a Master signature or set a User Signature as Master.

How to set up a Master signature?

If you want to know how to set up a Master signature, follow the instructions below.

Step 1.

In the Email signature manager, click Create Master button to create a Master signature.

Step 2.

Fill your Master with necessary information like the company's name and contact details.

Note: We may recommend you to put in the information that will be similar in all the signatures (not to put it every time in every signature) like: preset the look of all the signatures, add company's name, company's website, company's logo, etc. Try to avoid adding personal information unless you want it to be repeated in every signature.

Step 3.

Please choose the font style and its’ size. You can also set the main and secondary colors that will make your signature look more attractive.

You can use your HEX color code if necessary.

Step 4.

Upload the logo of the company. After you upload an image, you can grab colors from it to make the signature coloring match with the image.

Step 5.

Insert social network links to your Master signature. Paste a direct URL to your social media profile.

Step 6.

Choose the best suiting signature template. Click Show More to see all available templates.

Step 7.

After you finish creating your Master signature, click Save button under the Master's preview.

How to set up a User signature as Master?

If you have already created the signature and want to set it as Master, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Hover over the signature and click Set As Master button.

Step 2.

Agree to the next step by clicking Confirm.

Step 3.

And it will automatically become the Master signature.

Note: You can make bulk modifications only by editing the Master signature, and all the signatures in the department will inherit the change. You can avoid creating a Master signature if your signatures are supposed to look unique and have a different template.

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