Newoldstamp G Suite integration allows you to have full control over your company email signatures and manage them automatically. This will ensure that your employees always use the signatures you want them to.

You need to be a G Suite administrator to be allowed to configure the integration. If you are not a G Suite admin, please, invite G Suite admin to set up the integration on your behalf and share this article with the admin too.

If you are a G Suite admin, you can proceed to set up the integration. Please, follow the steps below:

1. Whitelist Newoldstamp Email Signatures application.

1.1. First, go to the Google Admin "API control" (Security > API control).

1.2. Click Manage Third-Party App Access

1.3. Click Configure New App and choose OAuth App Name or Client ID

1.4. Copy the client ID given below and paste it into the search bar, then click Search

Client ID:

1.5. Select the Newoldstamp app that appears in the list

1.6. Put a tick next to Client ID and click Select

1.7. Choose the option "Trusted" and click Configure

2. Install the G Suite Marketplace app for your domain.

2.1. Go to the G Suite Marketplace app page

2.2. Install the app for your domain

3. Proceed to connect Newoldstamp with your G Suite on Newoldstamp Integrations section.

3.1. Log in to Newoldstamp

3.2. Go to the Integrations tab using the left navigation menu

3.3. Click Connect in G Suite block

3.4. Start connection

If all is done correctly, the integration should be set successfully.

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