Newoldstamp can be integrated with your Exchange server, regardless of whether it is on-premise or a cloud server.

You will have to make a correct choice on the Integrations tab, depending on what Exchange solution you are using:

Once you have selected either Exchange or Office/Microsoft 365, you will be asked to enter the user credentials. This could be the existing user or a new one created specifically for Newoldstamp integration. The only condition is that the user has to have a specific admin role set. The roles are:

“View-Only Recipients”
“Transport Rules”

We recommend creating a new role group and assign a group to the user. Here is the example of the PowerShell command that can help you create it in a few seconds:

New-RoleGroup -Name "role_group_name" -Roles "View-Only Recipients", "Transport Rules" Members user_name

Once you have the login and password of the user with the required roles set, you can use them to log in on the integration screen (Host is required for Exchange on-premise, which is your exchange domain URL, for Microsoft/Office 365, it is not required)

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