Note: Make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Firefox during the installation process.

Create your email signature on and follow these simple steps to install it on iPhone/iPad. 

Step 1.

After you finish creating your email signature, click Save and Install button under the signature preview.

Or if you have saved your signature priorly, hover over your signature on the Dashboard and click Use button.

Step 2.

Select the Apple icon in the list of email clients and click Continue.

Step 3.

Specify your email address in Step 1 then click Send.

Step 4.

Open the email on your iPhone/iPad with a Mail app, turn the phone to a landscape mode, tap and hold any part of the signature, click Select All then click Copy.

Step 5.

Go to iPhone/iPad Settings > Mail > Signature. Tap and hold the signature box and Paste your signature.

Step 6.

Shake the iPhone/iPad right after pasting the signature, select Undo

Note: If the Undo option doesn't appear after you shake the phone, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Shake To Undo > On.

Step 7.

Close the signature settings window regardless of how the signature looks like on the preview as sometimes it may look disrupted. 

Compose a new email to see your unique email signature in action.

Congratulations! Now you will see your new signature in every email you send with iPhone/iPad.

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