Banner Campaigns feature lets you schedule automatic banner changes, set up banner campaigns in advance.

This would help you to make your employee's signatures serve a bigger purpose:

  • Set a certain banner to appear before the holidays and make it switch back or turn off after.

  • Are you running regular webinars or events? Schedule their promotions when it's time and turn them off when they pass.

  • Have some temporary announcement? Set up a campaign, so it starts right away and ends when it is no longer valid.

And there is so much more... you name it.

Here is how you can set up campaigns.

1. Go to the Banner Campaigns tab:

2. Hover over the banner in the gallery or upload your own file and hover over it, then click Schedule Campaign:

3. Name your campaign and choose the departments you want to run the campaign in. You can only select departments where the master signature is created:

4. Pick the date range you want the campaign to be active for. The banner will automatically switch to the campaign banner on the Start Date and switch back to the default banner on the End Date:

5. After you filled everything out and clicked Schedule, you will see your Scheduled Campaign to the right-hand side of the Banner Campaigns tab:

6. The "Scheduled" status will automatically switch to "Active Campaign" when the campaign starts.

Active Campaign will force your Default banner to switch to the banner you selected for the campaign on the Start Date and switch back to the Default banner.

A Default banner is a banner used all the time unless you have an Active Campaign running.

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