There are three main ways to add a booking link to your signature:

1. Add it to the Custom Field
The idea is to use the Custom Field and add two items. The first is to add a clickable text that serves as a call-to-action. Second, add a link to your calendar. This will add a line of text to your signature that is clickable and lands to the URL you specified.

As you noticed, the link is not that visible. However, you can add special tags to highlight the link. The best way is to add <u> tag like on the screenshot below:

The value in the field is the following: "<u>Book a call with John</u> " Please, make sure to use both <u> in the beginning and </u> in the end.

2. Add "Event" or "Scheduling" signature app.
The Signature apps section is located to the right-hand side of the editor, just below the templates block. Clicks "Show More" to see more options. You can find the "Scheduling" section in the initial menu, and the "Event" app is in the Business section.

"Scheduling" app allows you to add clickable buttons to the bottom of your signature:

"Event" app allows you to add custom text that is clickable and lands to your calendar or any other custom URL:

3. Use the banner for the appointment booking CTA.
The banner section is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the editor. This is the most visible and most effective way to emphasize booking a call or an appointment. You can add a custom banner that you can create online or using any image editor or choose the banner from the gallery:

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