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How to install my email signature?
How to use an email signature in Pipedrive?
How to use an email signature in Pipedrive?

Learn how to benefit from using your professional signature in Pipedrive CRM

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Pipedrive CRM is one of the best available CRM systems which lets you add an HTML email signature and use it to get more replies and increase engagement with your prospects.

Here is how you can add Newoldstamp signature to Pipedrive CRM:

1. Create a signature on Newoldstamp, save it, and proceed to the installation page:

2. On the installation page, Select the Gmail icon in the list of email clients.

3. Under the Signature preview click the Copy signature button, which will save the signature code in the clipboard.

4. Open your Pipedrive CRM, go to the Mail menu, and Compose a new email:

5. Click the "Signature" option in the bottom right corner of the composing window:

6. Paste the signature into the placeholder (CTRL+V or CMD+V) and then Save it:

Now all your new emails will have a professional email signature!

P.S: If your signature lost the formatting during the installation, please contact Pipedrive support.

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